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Health Coaching

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Hi, I'm Linda.

I help you, the phenomenal high-performing woman, uncover the imbalances in your health journey, to achieve vibrancy and a transformed lifestyle, resulting in optimal health and longevity.

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mental and emotional health



inner fulfillment through purpose and mindfulness


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a supportive environment for connection and inspiration for shared health goals.


What clients are saying

 I had the honor of being Linda's first official client! I contracted with Linda for services to improve my nutritional outlook. Her intake process was thorough and efficient and in short order, we agreed on our meeting schedule. Linda was very adept in interviewing me to determine my health goals and appropriate milestones. At each meeting, Linda inquired about my progress and offered suggestions and resources that would support the changes I wanted to make. Her vast knowledge was a huge benefit and I succeeded in adding healthier nutritional choices to my diet. Equally important was her pleasant manner, interviewing technique and cheery encouragement.

Denise S.

Linda was instrumental in helping me take a different perspective towards my health. She valued my input and made me part of the planning process for change and working towards a healthy lifestyle. During the time that I was being coached by Linda, I learnt to be committed to being physically active, and by incorporating movements, I was able to lose about 25 pounds. Linda helped me realize that restrictive diet plans only offer short-term results. She encouraged me to focus on a well-rounded balanced eating plan, which is conducive to steady weight loss and maintaining results.

Crystal W. 
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